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Sri Admar Matha has established charity hospitals, old age homes, temples and choultries in different places. The offering of a big silver chariot and a gold cradle to Lord Sri Krishna, metaling of entire carstreet in Udupi, reconstruction of dining hall (Bhojana shala) of Sri Krishna Matha with ground and first floors with a total capacity for accommodating 2000 persons at a time, construction of public bathroom, lavatories for use by pilgrims and also an over bridge across Madhava Sarovara are a few among many very useful contributions made by Sri Admar Matha.


Kunjaru is a hamlet in Kurkal grama, situated 6-7 miles (approx.11kms) to the south-east of Shree Krishna’s Udupi.This small village is reputed for its sanctity owing to the celebrated Durga Temple on a highly hillock popularly known by the names : Kunjarugiri,Durgabetta and Vimanagiri.This potent Durga Saannidhya ,which was installed by none other than Lord Parashurama and sacred association of  Vishwaguru Shri Madhwacharya –gives it a prominent  place in the spiritual sphere.



The ancient Durga temple stands on the top of Vimanagiri amidst the lush green groves of hilly serenity This very serene location of the temple, its antiquity and the divinity of the magnificent idol of the Goddess ,at once creates a memorable feeling of long lasting devotion and piety in the hearts of the devotees . It has been the experience of every who visits the temple for worship.The devotees feel the spiritual solace and the potent protection at the feet of Durgadevi. The holy atmosphere in and around the shrine ,the holy Theerthas , the Parashurama Temple and the nearness to Pajaka Kshetra makes it an important place for the piligrims.

Sri Admar Muth has initiated the process of renovating Sri Durga Devi temple, Kunjarugiri. Contribution towards renovation is welcome in form of cash or kind.


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Sri Admar Muth has a guesthouse just behind the Sri Admar Muth on Car Street, Udupi.

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