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Shri Chaturbhuja Kaliyamardana Krishna - Pattada Devaru

Shri Gopalkrishna Devaru

Shri Madhwacharyaru


The famous 13th century vedantic philosopher – saint Shri Madhwacharya, also known as Poornaprajna, incarnated beautiful Shri Krishna idol at Udupi, besides Madhwa Sarovara.

Shri Madhwacharya also established 8 monastries (mutts) to propagate devotion to Shri Krishna and his philosophy.

The 8 mutts are :
1)Palimaru Mutt,
2)Admaru Mutt,
3)Krishnapura Mutt,
4)Puttige Mutt,
5)Shirooru Mutt,
6)Sode Mutt,
7)Kaniyuru Mutt,
8)Pejawara Mutt.

Palimaru and Admaru mutts are dwandwa mutts.

Shri Narasimhateertha, disciple of Shri Madhwacharya, is the head of Shri Admaru mutt.

Shri Madhwacharya gave Shri Chaturbhuja Kaliya mardana Krishna idol to Shri Narasimhateertha for worship.

Shri Narasimhateertha parampare continued and known as Admaru mutt parampare. Shri Chaturbhuja kaliya mardana Krishna worshipped by all Gurugalu, who came in the peetha of Shri Admaru mutt. Now, it is being worshipped by Shri Vishwapriyateertharu, present pontiff of Shri Admaru Mutt.

Shri Admaru mutt pontiffs have contributed valuable, distinguished and relished gift to the field of education as well as philosophical/religious field.
Acharya Madhwa was touring in Adur where the circle of scholors who secured him to explore treasure of the meaning of "Sri Vishnusahasranama" prayed that he should accept bhiksha there itself and bless them. The reply he gave for that revealed another aspect of the subtelet of dharma. There is no temple for Vishnu here and not to accept the bhiksha in such a place is our vow. The people realised and prayed Acharya Madhwa to install a Vishnu temple and make a Vaisnava place. Acharya agreed and installed Lord Vishu statue with a temple while explosition of Shi Visnusahasranama become a premanent memorial. The temple is next to Mahalingeshvara temple and its priest is a pure Vaisnava and follower of Sri Admaru Matha.

Acharya Madhwa got Sarvamulagrantha's inscribed on copper plates and made arrangement so that they might not be destroyed in any manner near the Kattila, Sulya is a place near Pane, Mangalore. The inscribed on copper plates are buried in the pond called Vyasatirtha and there is mutt near place and therin is a idol of Sri Gopalakrishna. The place is under the control of Adamaru matha.

Acharya Madhwa decided to leave for Badri again to dedicate the work of Bhasyam to lotus feet of Lord Vedavyasa along with Sri Satyatirtha. Before leaving he appointed four balabrahmacaris under the name of
1-Sri Hrishikeshatirtha - Palimar matha
2-Sri Narashimatirtha - Adamaru matha
In 1259 AD year Siddarthisamvatsara, Acharya Madhwa defeated Sri Narasimhatirtha (Bhattacarya) and gave the ashrama and named him Narasimhatirtha
3- Sri Janardanatirtha - Krshnapura matha
4-Sri Upendratirtha - Puttige matha

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